Helena’s blog on open networked learning

The first week of the course in Open Networked Learning has just passed and I am excited to be a part of this journey.

So far, most things have been focusing on practical matters, such as setting up the agenda, sort ourselves into groups, find when, where and how to meet with each other and getting to know each-other within the major groups. We also tried to define and compare our expectations on the course, and to establish some routines on how to organize the work.

To be honest, I must admit that I am rather frustrated and confused right now, since I am not at all used to working with the communication tools that we are encouraged to use within this course. Such as the composing of this blog. It took me ages just to understand how to do this, and then how to share and publish it. I hope I did ok, but I am not sure this is the way it should look like. I try to view this frustration of mine as being part of the learning process, and hopefully I will be able to share and give proof of my new learning outcomes about online networked learning in my future blogs.

So please be patient and hold-on for my next blog!

Published by Helena Elvén Eriksson

I live in Skåne in Sweden, and work at Lund University. My main duties are within teaching in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and I belong to the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science. I am thrilled about the pedagogical part of online teaching and many of the courses where I teach are performed online. Besides of teaching at Lund University, I also coordinate a student mentorship program at the Science Faculty named SI-PASS, and work as a resource for the teaching staff at the University regarding online teaching using the CANVAS platform. At present, I participate in the online course Open Networked Learning (ONL), which I am really excited about. One part of this course involves personal reflections about the learning process and outcomes in the form of blogs. Otherwise I'm interested in all kinds of outdoor activities, such as running, winter swimming, gardening and lately also canoeing. I live near to Slottsparken and Ribbersborg in Malmö, which is a perfect spot of all these activities. I also enjoy music, both listening and playing or singing.

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