Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

The question of purpose and title

In our community group we are getting experienced with the presentation tool named Padlet. I find this it to be really easy to get started with. You just click at a plus-sign in the lower right, make another click anywhere on the screen, and then you compose your message. You can include links to other material and you can add images as well. But to create something that is meaningful and pleasant for reader is another story. And challenging! It takes time and effort to create something that both negotiate its purpose (whatever this is), and still manages to be attractive and reader-friendly for the expected viewer (whoever he/she is). You need to be skilled to be able to produce something worth viewing and reading.

Then there are other tools, such as digital games, quizzes, cards, map stories and similar, just waiting to be tried out. Thing is that you need practice to get skilled. Practice takes time. Practice takes effort… What if there was a blog going through all these kinds of tools one by one in an online teaching and learning environment? What if this blog involved both instructions on how it is and how it works, and how well it worked for a certain purpose in class?

This blog is about my reflections on how I progress in online networked learning. I am beginning to learn how to share my thoughts through this blog. I am getting more skilled on how to do this. That is a great progress! But why am I learning about how to make a blog? For what purpose should I use it in my role as a teacher? Let’s say that I start a weekly blog. To whom should it be adressed and what kind of information should I put there? What kind of information, thoughts, reflection do I wish to share? And who would be interested?

I may just have found the answer to that. What if I make a blog where I release my experience of a new digital tool on each new post? Is this a good idea? And if so, what should I call this blog?

  • Online digital tools in higher education?
  • Teaching online using cool digital tools
  • Online teaching tools -how good are they?
  • Digital tools for teaching and learning
  • Digital tools -pros and cons
  • All you need to know about digital teaching tools
  • Digital tools for teaching – which ones to use and which ones to avoid!
  • Teachers guide to online digital tools

Puh, composing a title is not an easy task. Please help me to find the best title for my new blog! Any comment, any suggestion would be a great help!

Published by Helena Elvén Eriksson

I live in Skåne in Sweden, and work at Lund University. My main duties are within teaching in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and I belong to the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science. I am thrilled about the pedagogical part of online teaching and many of the courses where I teach are performed online. Besides of teaching at Lund University, I also coordinate a student mentorship program at the Science Faculty named SI-PASS, and work as a resource for the teaching staff at the University regarding online teaching using the CANVAS platform. At present, I participate in the online course Open Networked Learning (ONL), which I am really excited about. One part of this course involves personal reflections about the learning process and outcomes in the form of blogs. Otherwise I'm interested in all kinds of outdoor activities, such as running, winter swimming, gardening and lately also canoeing. I live near to Slottsparken and Ribbersborg in Malmö, which is a perfect spot of all these activities. I also enjoy music, both listening and playing or singing.

4 thoughts on “Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

  1. Hi Helena, Glad you enjoy using Padlet and also you being interested in looking at other tools. Perhaps you should look at the tools out of another perspective; what use you can have of it, and giving examples how you applied it?


  2. Perhaps the simplest title is the most effective one. My vote is for ‘Digital tools for teaching and learning’. As Cecilia commented above, giving use cases of each tool would be very useful!


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